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Latest developments regarding Corona virus in Europe | update 30-08-2020

Due to the new and changing corona measures per country, it is no longer possible for Colin Fisher and Ron Gravendeel to ride the original "Giro di Muscoli" from London to Fano according to the stage schedule.

The event will now be "In Country".

- Stage 1 London - Maldon - London will be ridden by the UK riders. Given the current measures in England, they can still cycle in small groups and organise the ride themselves. So we have an English start!

- Stage 2 Hoek van Holland / Utrecht - Arnhem will continue in its current form. All participants in this stage have received information from the organisation.

- After stage 2 Gerben's brother Ron will ride all stages to complete 2,300 km from 12th to 27th September in the Netherlands. Ron will be joined by various participants in the Giro di Muscoli from, among others, the mountain stages. He has already planned his route. It includes Stage 9 in Arnhem with the "Giro di Muscoli Piccolo" on September 20th.

- Colin is hoping to ride Stage 1 - 3 in the Netherlands, subject to Covid restrictions, then drive back to Italy on Tuesday 15th (using up his rest day) and complete the 2,300km / 19,000m climing in Italy between the 16th and 27th September. If it's not possible, Colin will ride the entire GdM in Italy.

- The finish stage will be in Fano in Italy as well as in Arnhem on September 27th. The finish stage in Italy is being organised by Colin's cycling club La Centinarolese, subject to Italian Covid restrictions.

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