Friendship between Gerben and Colin

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My name is Gerben Gravendeel

I'm Dutch and I live in Arnhem, together with my wife Jeanne. In 2015 I was diagnosed with ALS/MND. Our world was turned completely upside down. I've devoted all the time I have left to raise funds and awareness for this deadly disease.


My name is Colin Fisher

I'm British and live in both London and Italy with my wife Jan. In 2014 I fell while skiing and broke my back. That turned our world upside down as well. As part of my physical and mental recovery I started road cycling and joined SCD Centinarolese and Islington Cycling Club in 2015.


Our Friendship

Many years ago, the four of us met in Italy. A great friendship developed through our mutual appreciation of Italian food, wine and culture. Our friendship extended to visits to both Arnhem and London.

In 2018 Colin came up with the idea to celebrate his 60th birthday in 2020 with an epic cycling tour from his London cycling club to his Fano cycling club. On the road he would be able to raise funds for ALS. Over a bottle of wine or two in Arnhem, Gerben, Jeanne and Jan loved the idea. The Giro di Muscoli was born.

 Jan, Gerben, Jeanne and Colin at a Giro di Muscoli planning session in Arnhem, May 2019